Saturday, December 1, 2007

Answers of Terrabithia

1. Because he always do that every summer.
2. Because he wants to do his running.
3. She is a cow.
4. May Belle told Jess that new peoples are moving into the Old Perkins on the next farm.
5. Because she could keep Jess's secret.
6. He kept his drawings.
7. He is happy.
8. Because she doesn't have a television and she only believe in her imagination.
9. Their organizing to see Jess's drawing.
10. Because she want to talk about something to Jess.
11. Because Leslie always wins.
12. Because she don't know anything about him.
13. It is near the playground on the school. It is also near the monkey bar. It has one seat there. It's the place where boys play Space adventure.
14. The real giant is Janice Avery.
15. They plan to write a fake love letter from Willard Hughes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

How to make Go-kart

This is the wooden go-kart. To control it, you must pull the rope so it can turn around. To pull the brake pull the switch near the wheel. It must be on a hill or not it couldn't work. Go-karts are amazing things to play

Wooden go-kart. Simple wooden go-kart doesn't have any microchips and engine. It was made by wood.

Where did the engineers get go-kart engine?
The engineers didn't make the engine. They get the engine from a lawn mower engine.

Go-karts made by engineers. Imagine how engineers make this wonderful Go-karts. And imagine how hard there doing this until they are tired.

How to make simple go-karts?

* You need to have a piece of wood.
* Wheels
* Brake handle
* A long rope

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My reflection

Theme: How we Express ourselves.
Title: I believe, you believe
Central Idea: The beliefs and cultures are conveyed through rituals, celebration, the arts and the way people live their lives.

* Our beliefs
* Beatrix Potter
* Haiku "God's Love"
* Religion project
* Expo
* Field trips

Reflection: On this topic I had done a lot of things. I wrote about what I believed in when I was small. Also we wrote about a girl with a strong imagination named Beatrix Potter and we paste it to our blog.

We had an activity to make a Haiku about God's Love.

And I did a religion information about Buddhism.

Then I did the Expo which is a project about Buddha in a board me and my group is making a lot of information in we presented the information to the other class.

And then we had a field trip to Istiqlal mosque. Meanwhile after we went to Istiqlal mosque we went to Cathedral church. we looked the items that could make us hurt. We had a lot of info there. When were done we went to the bus and go back to school.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Diary

Sunday, October 14th 2007

My family and I left our house at 10 am and we had a plan to go to Ciwidey in South Bandung. We arrived in Bandung and stayed in Kampoeng Pa'go. Jacqueline, my youngest sister Angelique and I swam in the swimmimg pool. The water is very cold but we are excited. After swam, I played football in mini soccer field. Then we walked around to look many kind of fish in the pond. When the dinner time we ate in Sundanese Restaurant.

Monday, October 15th 2007

I woke up early in the morning because we had a plan to go to Situ Patengan. The way to Situ Patengan usually traffic jam if Idul Fitri holidays. We arrived at 9 am. Situ Patengan is a lake where there was a small island that shaped a heart. There is a big rock that is called "Batu Cinta". Legend said that a long time ago there lived a prince and princess who felt in love but they are separated by condition. After that their tears form a lake. One time, they met again on a big rock which is called "Batu Cinta". My family rent a boat and sailed around that lake. After that we landed on the island to looked at "Batu Cinta". My mom took our picture together. We took a rest for a while, we felt the fresh air and saw a beautiful sightseeing. I think the view is awesome! Then we sailed and went back. We ate lunch at 12.30 pm. We bought Peppino fruits that is believed can heal many sickness. The taste is tasteless.

Tuesday, October 16th 2007

Today, we went to Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha. Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha is more beautiful than Tangkuban Perahu in North Bandung because it had the characteristic and unique. I saw a big crater that filled with a mixture of water and sulphur. The water of the crater has 3 different colors. Sometimes green like an apple with bluish color if the weather is bright and clear. Sometimes brown like milk and white of followed by fog above the water. I tried to wash my foot into the water but I felt itchy when I lift my foot up. The local guide told me the water contained a sulphur substance. The sulphur useful for skin diseases. The founder of Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha is Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. He's a Dutch Botanist, Germany womb. Once again, I won't to lose a good moment to took a picture together.

Wednesday, October 17th 2007

We went to Strawberry plantation to pick some strawberries. I brought some strawberries to we ate in our journey. Then we continued our vacation to Istana Bunga Villa in Lembang (North Bandung). We stopped for a while to ate lunch at Sapu Lidi Restaurant. Finally we arrived. Our own villa had a playground in front of terrace and swimming pool beside of my bedroom. I'm free to use it anytime. I played badminton with Jacqueline in the afternoon. Angelique played slide with my mom and my father talk with his friends.

Thursday, October 18th 2007

Today we went to the cow farm. Then, Jacqueline, Angelique and I rode a horse. The person who teaches the horse told me that the name of the horse that I rode is named John. I also drank cow milk in that farm. Then we went back home. Jacqueline, Angelique and I swam together. At night we went to a place called "Kampung Daun". There I had my dinner. Then I walked around to see the bazaar that is held in there. I bought some blueberries and chips. Finally the time had come for us to leave.

Friday, October 19th 2007

The last day for us to stay here had finally comes. But before I go, I went to a dog farm near my villa. There are many different types of dogs in there. From small to big. They are cute, smart and kind. At first I want to buy one of them but my parents didn't let me buy it because we had been 2 dogs at home. So I just went back to my car and went back home to Cibubur. Even though I felt happy and enjoy my holidays.

Saturday, October 20th 2007

My father told me that he wants to know and try "Marcopolo Water Adventure" in Country Club Bukit Cimanggu City. We decided to go there at 4 pm. In our journey we watched "Transformers" movie in our car. We arrived at 5 pm. Marcopolo is the biggest thematic water adventure in Bogor. My opinion "Marcopolo Water Adventure" needs more facilities like water boom in Bali. But I had a lot of fun with my family, especially Angelique because she's crazy about swimming. Before we went back home, we stopped to "Botani Square". We bought something and played in Amazon. Jacqueline, Angelique and I felt very tired so that we slept in our car. 7 days of my holidays is very exciting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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Beatrix Potter

Intro: Do you believe if your imagination is true? What makes you believe? How deep is your imagination? How strong is your imagination?

Beatrix Potter wanted to get married didn't her mom didn't let her get married. Her mother said if she married that man, her mom will never give her any more money. Then she asked for some money from her banker man. Her parents asked her to visit and they discussed about to having a trip for a month.

Beatrix and the man sent letters. Then Beatrix met her friend old friend, Willy. When she went back to the man's house, the man had already died. Beatrix was very sad. She went to her house and went to her room. When she drew her imagination about Peter Rabbit, it was ruined.

She bought the Top Hill Farm for her self. Beatrix knew that she was a famous writer. Then she decided to leave home to make her own way. She keep crying although she's already famous. She was crying because the man that she loved died.

Beatrix Potter's friend, Willy, believed that Beatrix Potter's imagination was true. Eight years after that, Beatrix Potter married William Heelis. Her mother did approve. She lived happily with Willy.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Religion of Buddhism

The religion of about one eight of the world's population is Buddhism. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. The Buddha, whose name was Siddhartha Gautama, lived 2,500 years ago in Northern India. He is also known as the Lord Budha (one who has awakened).

Buddhism later died out in India, but had become well known in Sri Lanka. From there, it expanded across Asia, evolving into 2 main forms:

  1. Theravada Buddhism is also called Southern Buddhism. It's spreaded mostly in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Laos.
  2. Mahayana Buddhism is also called Northern Buddhism. It's largely found in China, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia.
To these might be added:
  1. Vajrayana Buddhism. Some consider this to be a part of Mahayana Buddhism; others opinion it as a third Buddhist path.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism. This developed largely in isolation from Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism because of the isolated of Tibet.
  3. Zen Buddhism. This developed from within the Chinese Mahayana School known as Chan. Zen Buddhism is more and more popular in the West.
There are now dozens of different schools of Buddhist philosophy throughout Asia. The religion is known in the east as the Buddha-Dharma.

Other information:

  1. The birth, enlightenment and parinirvana (death with no rebirth) took place on the day of the full moon during the month of May. This has been declared Buddha Day by the United Nations.
  2. As of 2006-May, Buddha's parinirvana was 2550 years ago.
Buddha's teaching:

The four noble truths are:

  1. There is suffering.
  2. There is cause for suffering.
  3. There is end of suffering.
  4. There is path leading to the end of suffering.
One does not have to read the Tripitaka from beginning to end to understand the four noble truths. Each chapter is a sutra (synopsis), which Buddha would have used to explain the same four noble truths to his audiences under different conditions.

Achievement of enlightenment:

  • Goal: To achieve final liberation called Nibbana.

  • Instruments: Mind and Body (Nama Rupa).

  • Procedure: Follow the Noble eight-fold path is divided into 3 qualities :
  1. Wisdom (pana): Right View and Right Thought.
  2. Morality (sila): Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood.
  3. Meditation (samadhi): Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration.
Since the 19th century:

  • Modern Buddhism has came out as a truly international movement. It started as an effort to produce a single form of Buddhism, without local increases, that all Buddhists could hug.
Symbols of Buddhism:

  1. Mandala

  2. Wheel of Life

  3. Mantra

  4. Chorten

  5. Hand Prayer Wheel

  6. Prayer Bids (27 bids)

  7. The "Lotus Flower" On Earth
I choose 2 of symbols Buddhism like one below this because I hope people have love to other people so there's a peace in the world.

Wheel of Dharma:
Wheel of Dharma means that people can live in peace and harmony. And people will have a successful future.


Mandala is classical Indian Languange of Sanskirit. And it's also symbol of Buddhism.


  • Buddhism developed in India and spread into central Asia.

  • Siddhartha Gautama became known as Budha, meaning Enlightened One.

  • All Buddhist have faith in:
  1. Buddha.

  2. His teachings, called the dharma.

  3. The religious community he founded, called the sangha. Buddhist call Buddha, the dharma, and the sangha the Three Refuges or Three Jewels.
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Beatrix Potter

Do you believed the imagination will come true? Do you really believed your imagination is true? Why do you believed in your imagination? Do you believed there was a town that is full of imagination?
Beatrix Potter is an women who has a strong imagination. She maked a cartoon book about Peter Rabbit which is she's imagination friend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What is God?

God is a person who is the most mightiest person and he's the person who erase our sins. God is also the person who always is in our heart and the person who protect us. He's the only one that is perfect in this world. He's always seeing us in the earth. He will never leave us alone. He's giving us the most powerful love.

Where can we talk to God? We can talk to him in the church, we also can communicate with him when we were praying. He looks handsome.

Why does he love us? He loves us because he doesn't want us to go to the evil hell. Where does he live? He lives in 2 homes, heaven and our heart. You could look at God's home whenever you are in the church.

This is my belief about a mighty God!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Body works reflection

Central Idea:
The human body is designed for movement in work and play and can be affected by a variety of things.
Human body works:
Human body works is the first topic we did in grade 5.
I'm reflective because I always try to do something I don't know.
I'm knowledgeable because I work hard on the digestion story by collecting much information.
I'm ristakers because I'm not afraid to make my digestion story and haiku until night.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What I believe in?

When I'm small, first ... I believe that my Mickey mouse doll would come alive and it will play with me. I also believe that it would talk and comfort me when I'm sad. Second ... I believe that I can be Ultraman so that I can save the world. Megatron Andrew

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007

Digestion Adventure

Digestive System is the group of organs that breakdown food for use in the human body. This breakdown makes it possible for food to pass through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. The food is then distributed to nourish all parts of the body.

We bite food in our mouth. Then the food turns into our sugar. Next our tongue pushes the food into our throat. A door opens down and goes down into your gullet. Next, muscles squeeze the food down into a tube called the esophagus. Then the value to the stomach opens. Next, the food is being mixed with digestive chemicals. Acid rains down from the pink walls which drip with mucus to keep the them from being eroded. The walls, of your muscle contract and fold in themselves again. Every wave mixes and churns the food and chemicals into smaller bits. Then another value opens and bring the food into the small intestine. Inside the small intestine, liquids and chemicals from places like kidneys and pancreas break down and mixed up the leftovers. From the villi, the nutrients will follow into your blood stream.


Mouth: Ouch! I'm eaten by somebody my body. They need to eat me because if they don't ate me they will die. First I enter the esophagus of the person.

Esophagus: The journey starts in the esophagus. I slide to a pink tube in the person's throat. The tube was not too long. The tube was 20-25 cm long. I slide through the esophagus and finally I arrived in the stomach.

Stomach: Finally I arrived in the person's stomach. I stay their for five hours to help them hang a food for hours. I stayed their didn't do anything. Slowly they took my body and I'm having to the small intestines. They slowly took a part of my body and then my body became a solid tiny food. In their they transfer me to a very long journey.

Abdomen: They bring me to a tube like a tunnel. The tunnel is like aslide on a swimming pool. It is very long to go to the end. I really have to wait for an hour and hour. Even my body is now already became a solid food.

Small intestine: Slowly they take my body intestine for the person's (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and my fat).

Large intestine: Finally apart of my body became a large intestine and I will get out of the person's body through the anus.


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Avatar

This is My Avatar. It's named Roxas. I had made it on August 4, 2007.

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Holiday

An Excitment Beyond The Pyramid

During my school holiday I went to Ancol to watch 4D movie with my families. When we arrived in Ancol we bought five tickets. The first show that we watched is seals doing acrobatic attractions. After watching that show I bought a soda. Not long after that, we watched dolphin and white whale attractions. During the show, the trainer asked a volunteer that wanted to be kissed by the whale. She was kissed by the first whale. When she put her cheek near the second whale, she was welcomed by a splash of water from the whale. Her body was all wet.

Our final destination is the 4D movie. First we waited in a long line and waited until the theatre was opened. The shape of the 4D theatre is like a pyramid. When it was opened, we went inside. First it can fit three lines. The next two level can only fit two lines. Not long after that it can only fit one line. Then the gate to the theatre opened and we all rushed in so we can get a seat. It was so cool. It feels that we are on that situation too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My First Blog

Here is my first blog on Tuesday August 14, 2007.
Who's gonna drive you home?