Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Diary

Sunday, October 14th 2007

My family and I left our house at 10 am and we had a plan to go to Ciwidey in South Bandung. We arrived in Bandung and stayed in Kampoeng Pa'go. Jacqueline, my youngest sister Angelique and I swam in the swimmimg pool. The water is very cold but we are excited. After swam, I played football in mini soccer field. Then we walked around to look many kind of fish in the pond. When the dinner time we ate in Sundanese Restaurant.

Monday, October 15th 2007

I woke up early in the morning because we had a plan to go to Situ Patengan. The way to Situ Patengan usually traffic jam if Idul Fitri holidays. We arrived at 9 am. Situ Patengan is a lake where there was a small island that shaped a heart. There is a big rock that is called "Batu Cinta". Legend said that a long time ago there lived a prince and princess who felt in love but they are separated by condition. After that their tears form a lake. One time, they met again on a big rock which is called "Batu Cinta". My family rent a boat and sailed around that lake. After that we landed on the island to looked at "Batu Cinta". My mom took our picture together. We took a rest for a while, we felt the fresh air and saw a beautiful sightseeing. I think the view is awesome! Then we sailed and went back. We ate lunch at 12.30 pm. We bought Peppino fruits that is believed can heal many sickness. The taste is tasteless.

Tuesday, October 16th 2007

Today, we went to Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha. Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha is more beautiful than Tangkuban Perahu in North Bandung because it had the characteristic and unique. I saw a big crater that filled with a mixture of water and sulphur. The water of the crater has 3 different colors. Sometimes green like an apple with bluish color if the weather is bright and clear. Sometimes brown like milk and white of followed by fog above the water. I tried to wash my foot into the water but I felt itchy when I lift my foot up. The local guide told me the water contained a sulphur substance. The sulphur useful for skin diseases. The founder of Kawah Putih Gunung Patuha is Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn. He's a Dutch Botanist, Germany womb. Once again, I won't to lose a good moment to took a picture together.

Wednesday, October 17th 2007

We went to Strawberry plantation to pick some strawberries. I brought some strawberries to we ate in our journey. Then we continued our vacation to Istana Bunga Villa in Lembang (North Bandung). We stopped for a while to ate lunch at Sapu Lidi Restaurant. Finally we arrived. Our own villa had a playground in front of terrace and swimming pool beside of my bedroom. I'm free to use it anytime. I played badminton with Jacqueline in the afternoon. Angelique played slide with my mom and my father talk with his friends.

Thursday, October 18th 2007

Today we went to the cow farm. Then, Jacqueline, Angelique and I rode a horse. The person who teaches the horse told me that the name of the horse that I rode is named John. I also drank cow milk in that farm. Then we went back home. Jacqueline, Angelique and I swam together. At night we went to a place called "Kampung Daun". There I had my dinner. Then I walked around to see the bazaar that is held in there. I bought some blueberries and chips. Finally the time had come for us to leave.

Friday, October 19th 2007

The last day for us to stay here had finally comes. But before I go, I went to a dog farm near my villa. There are many different types of dogs in there. From small to big. They are cute, smart and kind. At first I want to buy one of them but my parents didn't let me buy it because we had been 2 dogs at home. So I just went back to my car and went back home to Cibubur. Even though I felt happy and enjoy my holidays.

Saturday, October 20th 2007

My father told me that he wants to know and try "Marcopolo Water Adventure" in Country Club Bukit Cimanggu City. We decided to go there at 4 pm. In our journey we watched "Transformers" movie in our car. We arrived at 5 pm. Marcopolo is the biggest thematic water adventure in Bogor. My opinion "Marcopolo Water Adventure" needs more facilities like water boom in Bali. But I had a lot of fun with my family, especially Angelique because she's crazy about swimming. Before we went back home, we stopped to "Botani Square". We bought something and played in Amazon. Jacqueline, Angelique and I felt very tired so that we slept in our car. 7 days of my holidays is very exciting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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Beatrix Potter

Intro: Do you believe if your imagination is true? What makes you believe? How deep is your imagination? How strong is your imagination?

Beatrix Potter wanted to get married didn't her mom didn't let her get married. Her mother said if she married that man, her mom will never give her any more money. Then she asked for some money from her banker man. Her parents asked her to visit and they discussed about to having a trip for a month.

Beatrix and the man sent letters. Then Beatrix met her friend old friend, Willy. When she went back to the man's house, the man had already died. Beatrix was very sad. She went to her house and went to her room. When she drew her imagination about Peter Rabbit, it was ruined.

She bought the Top Hill Farm for her self. Beatrix knew that she was a famous writer. Then she decided to leave home to make her own way. She keep crying although she's already famous. She was crying because the man that she loved died.

Beatrix Potter's friend, Willy, believed that Beatrix Potter's imagination was true. Eight years after that, Beatrix Potter married William Heelis. Her mother did approve. She lived happily with Willy.