Saturday, December 1, 2007

Answers of Terrabithia

1. Because he always do that every summer.
2. Because he wants to do his running.
3. She is a cow.
4. May Belle told Jess that new peoples are moving into the Old Perkins on the next farm.
5. Because she could keep Jess's secret.
6. He kept his drawings.
7. He is happy.
8. Because she doesn't have a television and she only believe in her imagination.
9. Their organizing to see Jess's drawing.
10. Because she want to talk about something to Jess.
11. Because Leslie always wins.
12. Because she don't know anything about him.
13. It is near the playground on the school. It is also near the monkey bar. It has one seat there. It's the place where boys play Space adventure.
14. The real giant is Janice Avery.
15. They plan to write a fake love letter from Willard Hughes.