Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field trip Reflection

Several weeks ago we went to the waterfall on Gunung Pancar. I feel so happy to go to the waterfall. But when we all see how far is the waterfall, we were shocked. There is so much tricky roads that we could walk. And we walked very far to reach the waterfall. There are holes, cliffs, slippery tracks, and more. We walked so far to reach the waterfall. We even are to tired to go to the waterfall.

But finally we reached the waterfall. We are glad to be there and then we took a picture together. We even ran to the waterfall and cheered. We even put our bags and swim on the waterfall. It was cold, but refreshing. After playing with the waterfall we had our lunch and eat as much as we can. After that we walked very far and finally we arrived on the bus. And then we return to school.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Fragile Environment report

Sea is the body of earth that also cover earth 71% of it. Sea keeps animals, minerals, oil & hidden treasures. People also calls sea as an ocean. Ships sail in the ocean to find fish or to bring crates. And ocean is a fragile environment. Why? Because the corals are easy to be destroyed and it's easy to get polluted by dumbing trashes to the sea.

What is the importance of the sea?

The importance of the sea is the corals because if we keep destroying it the fishes will have nothing to eat and they will die. And we will have nothing to eat.

What happens if we still dump trashes to the sea?

The sea will be dirty and the sea will also get polluted. And this kinds of things may cause flood. And this will also be called water pollution.

What could be found on the sea?

Oils,minerals,treasures,shipwreck and more things to see. Shipwrecks can be found on the bottom of the sea and treasures are also inside the shipwreck.

How to make salt water into normal water?

This is a little experiment to make salt water into normal water. First you must need an item used to cook a boiling water. And then cook the salt water as the same way as you cook normal water. Wait until it boils and it's ready to be dranked.

How to save the sea environment?

To save the sea environment, stop throwing or dumping trashes to the sea. And it's also hard to prevent people from throwing trashes to the sea. But that's what we need to do to save this environment.

Where can you find the environment?

There are lots in Indonesia. The seas that I know are The Java sea, Sulawesi sea, and more seas to be knowned in Indonesia. This is the seas that I know so far.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

My holiday

Have you been to DJakarta theatre? And have you been to blitzmegaplex on Pacific Palace? Have you watch Spyderwickchorincles? And have you watch 10,000 B.C? On my holiday I didn't go anywhere. I'm only playing PS2 in my home. I also chat with Beni on the phone at night. I also read comics.

After reading comics I went to my room to watch Barnyard. Then my dad had an idea. It's idea is to watch in the cinema. First we watch Horton hears a Who.

On the next day I played Kingdom Hearts II. Then I went to the airport to pick up my sister from Singapore. Then we went to Ratu Plaza waiting for my mom finished her meeting. While waiting I also bought a new CD. I also went to Senayan City.

After mom finished her meeting, we directly go home. The next day I watched Marvel Heroes on the TV. I also played my new PS2 CD. Then I went to bed.

After that we went to Djakarta's theatre to watch Spyderwick. On the next day I went to blitzmegaplex to watch 10,000 B.C. Then I went home and play with my dog Missy. I also feed her with so much food on her plate.

Then I stayed home for the whole weekend. I also went to church for Good Friday. After that I went to video rental to borrow films. On the house I watched Final Fantasy VII.

Then I played again with my dog. I also watched Air Buddies on TV. I also played with my sister. We both read Mr. Midnight. Then I watched Ultimate Advance rs on the TV. Then we raced with our bike.

On the next day I went to Taman Anggrek to play Hockey and Maximum Tune 3. I make my new Maximum Tune 3 card. Then we went home. On the next day we went to the church.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reflection about making Digital portfolios

On making my blog I've learned many things. I've learned many things. I've learned how to post things on my blog. We also need to post our work from the class.

I've learned how to make a blog and I've also learned to edit pictures to our blog so it can be attractive. We made it starting at the beginning of the year.

When making my Google pages I've learned how to make the Google pages. The Google pages is much more harder. I've also learned how to link the pages and I've learned how to edit pictures. We make it last quarter.

We made the iWeb a few weeks ago. In the iWeb I've learned how to drag pictures to the iWeb. And I've learned how to connect to the surver in th iWeb. Making the digital iWeb is a little hard.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Geek reflection

On the Greek group I learned very much things. The king of gods are Zeus. The god of sea is Neptune. The Greek group also had Greek sports.

The most popular sports are like throwing something like a trophy. The most farest to throw wins. They also played hockey. They also have their own writing.

And the last Greek gods are Hades. The ruler of the underworld. And there is also an activity from Greek group. We must write our group members name.

That is the thing that I learned from the Greek group.

Egypt reflection

Egypt reflection
In Egypt they believe that their god named Ra. And they didn't eat the animal such as pig, hippopotamus and the other things. And Ra is the son of the king. When people died the Egyptians made them to be a mummy.

The Egyptians had steps to make a mummy. First they scooped the brain from the nose using a hook. And then they cut the left side and they take the lower organs and separate them in four different jars. One for the stomach, one for the intestine, one for the brain and the last for the lungs.

And most of the Egyptians are Muslims. And they also make their own writing. And after this the Egyptians group asks us to write our own name in Egyptians writing. There are three winners for the writing, the first is Jennifer, second is Jinju & the third is Hansen.

What I've learned?
I learned how the Egyptians make mummies and I've known that most of the Egyptians are Muslims and they also believe a god named Ra.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

In ten years time

What would you be in ten years time?
In ten years time I will be managing director of games & an architect. I will be 19 years. On that time some of my friends are twenty and some of them are 21 years.

Why do like that dream?
Because I like to play games and I like to calculate questions of math. And I like to build something. And I wants to be a managing director because games are fun for kids and adults.

How do the teachers can help you to make your dreams come true?
The teachers must help me to learn more things and more about technology to make my dream come true.

What would you be in twenty years time?
In twenty years time I will be 29 and I will have a wife and family and kids.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Charlie and the chocolate factory summaries

Chapter 11/ The Miracle: After school Charlie went to the shop to buy one chocolate. When he bought another chocolate at last he find the last golden ticket and the shopkeeper said that you have find the last golden ticket!

Chapter 27/Mike Teavee is sent to the television: When Charlie and Mike went to the television room, suddenly Mike argued because he said that there is nothing but only about a chocolate! So he ran to the television machine and said I will be the first people to be in Mr.Willy Wonka's television so he is sent to the television and become a tiny little boy and his parents hear Mike's voice are very small.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Charlie Bucket

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who lives in a small house. He eats cabbage soup for supper. Charlie lives in a little house. His dad works in a toothpaste shop. And his mother works in the house. He has two grandfathers & two grandmothers.

Even though Charlie is poor but he's still happy because he had a nice family. Charlie very loves grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe also likes Charlie too. Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about Mr. Willy Wonka's factory. Charlie was very interested about Mr. Willy Wonka's factory.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Romans

Romans live in 400 B.C. They had a coliseum to fight for a battle. They had slaves to make the coliseum. The king looked at the battle on the very upper seat.

How did the roman people travel around?
Usually they used horses to travel around. All roads are straight. And sometimes they must beware of sneaky little bandits on their way. Roman's down slope usually was full of mud.


Sometimes another country in the roman visit another country and challenge them. Also they collect strong people to join the war. After winning the war who wins get the enemy's coliseum. Then at the night they celebrate their victory.

Families & children

When some body wants to married they announced it to the other people. The womens are dressed in beautiful clothes & boys are dressed in gold clothes and good hairstyles. In romans girl work on home to help their mother and boys go to school. After the boys go to school they helped their father.

Roman activities

They played fake fighting games. They also played to use an arrow an aim the target. Not only playing games they buy foods and drinks. The last activities is throw a spear and the most far spear to be thrown was the winner.

The time line

753 B.C: Building the city of romans.
510 B.C: Rome becomes a republic.
202 B.C: The power of Rome spreads around Italy.
130 B.C: The romans conquer Greece and most of Spain.
0 B.C/A.D: The birth of Jesus.