Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Romans

Romans live in 400 B.C. They had a coliseum to fight for a battle. They had slaves to make the coliseum. The king looked at the battle on the very upper seat.

How did the roman people travel around?
Usually they used horses to travel around. All roads are straight. And sometimes they must beware of sneaky little bandits on their way. Roman's down slope usually was full of mud.


Sometimes another country in the roman visit another country and challenge them. Also they collect strong people to join the war. After winning the war who wins get the enemy's coliseum. Then at the night they celebrate their victory.

Families & children

When some body wants to married they announced it to the other people. The womens are dressed in beautiful clothes & boys are dressed in gold clothes and good hairstyles. In romans girl work on home to help their mother and boys go to school. After the boys go to school they helped their father.

Roman activities

They played fake fighting games. They also played to use an arrow an aim the target. Not only playing games they buy foods and drinks. The last activities is throw a spear and the most far spear to be thrown was the winner.

The time line

753 B.C: Building the city of romans.
510 B.C: Rome becomes a republic.
202 B.C: The power of Rome spreads around Italy.
130 B.C: The romans conquer Greece and most of Spain.
0 B.C/A.D: The birth of Jesus.