Sunday, February 24, 2008

Egypt reflection

Egypt reflection
In Egypt they believe that their god named Ra. And they didn't eat the animal such as pig, hippopotamus and the other things. And Ra is the son of the king. When people died the Egyptians made them to be a mummy.

The Egyptians had steps to make a mummy. First they scooped the brain from the nose using a hook. And then they cut the left side and they take the lower organs and separate them in four different jars. One for the stomach, one for the intestine, one for the brain and the last for the lungs.

And most of the Egyptians are Muslims. And they also make their own writing. And after this the Egyptians group asks us to write our own name in Egyptians writing. There are three winners for the writing, the first is Jennifer, second is Jinju & the third is Hansen.

What I've learned?
I learned how the Egyptians make mummies and I've known that most of the Egyptians are Muslims and they also believe a god named Ra.

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