Sunday, April 6, 2008

My holiday

Have you been to DJakarta theatre? And have you been to blitzmegaplex on Pacific Palace? Have you watch Spyderwickchorincles? And have you watch 10,000 B.C? On my holiday I didn't go anywhere. I'm only playing PS2 in my home. I also chat with Beni on the phone at night. I also read comics.

After reading comics I went to my room to watch Barnyard. Then my dad had an idea. It's idea is to watch in the cinema. First we watch Horton hears a Who.

On the next day I played Kingdom Hearts II. Then I went to the airport to pick up my sister from Singapore. Then we went to Ratu Plaza waiting for my mom finished her meeting. While waiting I also bought a new CD. I also went to Senayan City.

After mom finished her meeting, we directly go home. The next day I watched Marvel Heroes on the TV. I also played my new PS2 CD. Then I went to bed.

After that we went to Djakarta's theatre to watch Spyderwick. On the next day I went to blitzmegaplex to watch 10,000 B.C. Then I went home and play with my dog Missy. I also feed her with so much food on her plate.

Then I stayed home for the whole weekend. I also went to church for Good Friday. After that I went to video rental to borrow films. On the house I watched Final Fantasy VII.

Then I played again with my dog. I also watched Air Buddies on TV. I also played with my sister. We both read Mr. Midnight. Then I watched Ultimate Advance rs on the TV. Then we raced with our bike.

On the next day I went to Taman Anggrek to play Hockey and Maximum Tune 3. I make my new Maximum Tune 3 card. Then we went home. On the next day we went to the church.


Anonymous said...

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Pinky Desiree said...

Hey Andrew. Your holiday was full of playing and watching. Did you did your homework and did you study? Sometimes it made me bored if I just watch all the time

Jane Ross said...

Andrew, you have written a good recount. You need to be more careful to always use consistent tense. You have to use mostly past tense in a recount and I see that you have sometimes put 'go' instead of 'went'. I like that you have included a picture. Next time try to use more adjectives in your writing and tell us how you felt about what you have done. 7/10