Monday, May 26, 2008

Fragile Environment report

Sea is the body of earth that also cover earth 71% of it. Sea keeps animals, minerals, oil & hidden treasures. People also calls sea as an ocean. Ships sail in the ocean to find fish or to bring crates. And ocean is a fragile environment. Why? Because the corals are easy to be destroyed and it's easy to get polluted by dumbing trashes to the sea.

What is the importance of the sea?

The importance of the sea is the corals because if we keep destroying it the fishes will have nothing to eat and they will die. And we will have nothing to eat.

What happens if we still dump trashes to the sea?

The sea will be dirty and the sea will also get polluted. And this kinds of things may cause flood. And this will also be called water pollution.

What could be found on the sea?

Oils,minerals,treasures,shipwreck and more things to see. Shipwrecks can be found on the bottom of the sea and treasures are also inside the shipwreck.

How to make salt water into normal water?

This is a little experiment to make salt water into normal water. First you must need an item used to cook a boiling water. And then cook the salt water as the same way as you cook normal water. Wait until it boils and it's ready to be dranked.

How to save the sea environment?

To save the sea environment, stop throwing or dumping trashes to the sea. And it's also hard to prevent people from throwing trashes to the sea. But that's what we need to do to save this environment.

Where can you find the environment?

There are lots in Indonesia. The seas that I know are The Java sea, Sulawesi sea, and more seas to be knowned in Indonesia. This is the seas that I know so far.

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Author: Mr. Tallentire

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