Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field trip Reflection

Several weeks ago we went to the waterfall on Gunung Pancar. I feel so happy to go to the waterfall. But when we all see how far is the waterfall, we were shocked. There is so much tricky roads that we could walk. And we walked very far to reach the waterfall. There are holes, cliffs, slippery tracks, and more. We walked so far to reach the waterfall. We even are to tired to go to the waterfall.

But finally we reached the waterfall. We are glad to be there and then we took a picture together. We even ran to the waterfall and cheered. We even put our bags and swim on the waterfall. It was cold, but refreshing. After playing with the waterfall we had our lunch and eat as much as we can. After that we walked very far and finally we arrived on the bus. And then we return to school.

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